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Wanting to revamp your brand in 2021? Here are the top trends you should follow to make your brand stand out in the crowd.


We have seen this trend start to make waves in 2020 but in 2021 it’ll be even more popular. Users are looking for something sleek, easy to read, easy to navigate, they don't want to be sifting through all your videos or graphics. They want it right there in front of them, the main point, the main image.

Hand-Drawn Elements

If you're creative, now is the time to add your creative flair to your brand. Hand-drawn elements are adding a personal touch to the brand and creating a story. This brings us back to the days of a handwritten letter recounting the nostalgia element which has become widely popular.

Branch out to more non-traditional colors schemes

In 2021 we will be seeing brands take color to the next level, making packaging bold and vibrant, showcasing the brand as an experience.

Stand for Something Meaningful to You and your Brand

Consumers now are expecting brands to have a cause that they support and that the brand stands behind. The key is to then add that stance into the brand's identity and target audience to then launch it into something big.

Put a Face to the Name

Add yourself to the branding process, showcase who's behind the screen, share YOUR story, share about YOUR brand. Take it and run with it

Add in Old School Visuals/Art

Brands that add in the older visuals into the branding image but add your twist to it. These are able to take it and elevate not only the visual element but the story.

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