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With so many different social media channels across so many platforms, it can be hard to keep a consistent image for your brand. So, how do you do it?

Create a familiar look across your media channels. This includes fonts, colors, aesthetics. High valuing customers will notice these elements and when they come across your page and this will in turn hopefully leave a lasting impression on them to remember who you are.

Publish, publish, publish!

In order to grow that brand consistency, it is important to publish content consistently and effectively. This is where content calendars and strategy is extremely important. Personally having this content scheduled for at least a month in advance will help the content to continue to flow effectively and promote content sharing across all platforms you are featuring and keeps your brand at the top of the consumers mind.

Have and hold a consistent brand voice across all areas. Use the same and consistent tone when writing captions, or speaking etc. So hold onto what your brand values. So if your brand is more casual, keep it casual yet with some professionalism in there. This is critical in keeping your social media channels on brand to grasp that engagement.

Sharing Content

When your brand's social media channels retweet, re-post or comment on other brand's pages it is also important that that content aligns with what your brand holds to as far as values and images and tone of voice.

To gather all the bits and pieces together.

Keep a schedule, keep the same use of colors and imagery for all elements of the brand to blend cohesively. If you stick to that and make it your focus, consistency will then turn into a habit.

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