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Each year fashion trends tend to get more and more, well, unique. In 2021 we are to expect nothing less. This year has taught us to be more ethical, inclusive and more aware of what fashion is and what it represents.

Fashion is Moving Sustainable

We’ve seen the trends of thrifting and it has become hugely popular! The aspect of taking second-hand clothing and revamping it, bringing it back to life with higher-end pieces has been all the rage and will continue into 2021. This trend has even reached into its own ecommerce stores creating pieces from secondhand clothing and reselling on a site for a profit.

Channeling ~Nostalgia~

Alright, we’ve seen those zebra print skirts, the small bags, the thin sunglasses all making a come back. This is channeling the element of nostalgia to consumers taking these elements and making them fashion-forward, even integrating sustainability.

Ethics meets Fashion

Ethical fashion has always been something the fashion industry has struggled with whether or not to disclose information. In 2020 we saw some brands start to showcase information on their clothing pieces, for example, Patagonia states that some of their clothing items are made from renewable or recycled fabrics. Being transparent about the making of the pieces have given consumers something more to grasp onto when making a purchasing decision.

Athleisure continues to soar

The athleisure trend became huge in 2020 along with loungewear during the pandemic. Well, it's not going anywhere anytime soon, rather it is becoming more fashion-forward in the years to come. Influencer-led campaigns have triggered this trend to new possibilities. We are here for comfort.

Virtual, Virtual, Virtual

Everything is virtual, so let's add to the mix, a virtual try-on experience. Taking a few quick questions to allow the computer to adjust to your sizing specifications you will be able to see a body type similar to yours virtually try on an article of clothing to see if the fit/style is something you would be interested in purchasing.

The more the merrier 2021, keep them coming!

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