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Gen Z is taking over not only social media but so many more aspects of the workforce. Gen Z makes up roughly 40% of customers, hence your target. Okay, so you’re a company, maybe you're an older company or you just want to revamp your target market. Here’s how you’ll market to Gen Z effectively.

How do I engage?

Gen Z is all over social media, they know the ins and the outs and are very knowledgeable in the industry/will be willing to learn about it. Gen Z is extremely influential for brands and their customers as they are pushing these creative brands for more interactive use of their media. They want interactive content, they want the videos, the images, anything really visual to open Gen Z’s creativity.

User Friendly

Gen Z is on any type of electronic at basically all hours of the day every day. So making sure that your brand, website, social media platforms, whatever it is that you are using, is user-friendly. That doesn't mean just the page itself, bring in some of the interactive elements of AR technology for example.

Authenticity is key

Gen Z wants real people, they want to be able to see that real people are using whatever you're promoting or selling. Authenticity sells. Reach out to influencers that you find are authentic and relatable in their content, stories, reels, etc.

Short Sweet and to the Point

Gen Z’s attention span is 8 seconds. 8 SECONDS!!! Get your point across effectively and fast or you've lost your chance. Spice up your content with emojis and GIFs to stand out.

Bigger than yourself

Okay so you have a brand, you have a business, but what is your focus? Gen Z’s decision on brands comes from the brands' impact that it has on society. Gen Z has gone through some very lively acts in their lifetime, they want to see what YOU will do to better the world.

Only time will tell what's next for Gen Z and generations to come.

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