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Does it really matter? The answer is YES. Typeface, or ‘fonts’, are the main element to a brand and gives the brand its initial imaging and its brand identity. Typography is in everything we see and impacts the brand experience.

Psychology of Fonts, What?

Font psychology is “the study of how different fonts impact thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.” The moral of font psychology is that you want the font you choose to represent your brand to enact emotion, tell the story how you want it to be written, and make it stand out without becoming a distraction.

Being able to narrow down your approach to what you're wanting your brand to embody will allow you to choose the right fonts for your design.

Difference between Fonts and Typefaces

Many people will use these two interchangeably when in fact they are two very separate things.

A typeface is a specific collection of related fonts.

A font is the variation of that collection of fonts.

So think: Arial as the typeface then the font is the variations of Arial, such as Arial Light, Arial Narrow, Arial Bold, Arial Light, etc. you get the drift.

Let's Break it Down Further

You've got five major directions for typeface categories, Serif, Sans Serif, Script, Slab, and Modern.

Serif Fonts are your classic fonts that have a decorative line at the end of each character. These are often associated with tradition, reliability, and authority.

Sans Serif are fonts that don’t have the lines at the end of each character rather they are more structured. These are often seen as clean and modern.

Script fonts are based on handwriting, so the curve and the flow of how one would write in a more script way. So these are associated with elegance and creativity.

Slab fonts are known as bold and strong. So these are often expressing a bold image.

Modern fonts are more stylish, bringing in a new approach to the traditional. These show a sense of progression and intelligence.

So to sum it up, typography in branding is very important and is the first visual a user will notice and hopefully remember. Here are a few tips have your brands typography stand out:

  1. Be consistent with the font that you choose and use it throughout your branding process, in social media posts, designs, etc.

  2. Make sure if you are using more than one typeface to make sure that they are cohesive and blend well together, if you use two distracting fonts it will take away from the message.

  3. Carefully pair color to your typography to create a clear and defined brand image

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