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We don't want to admit it but when we see the numbers increase on our following we get excited, it's a confidence boost! Yet when we see that number decrease we often go into a spiral of why didn't they like my content? Are we not friends? We play out all these scenarios in our heads when really it's OK. A stigma that comes with social media is following one another on their pages, which you almost feel obligated to do in a sense. Yet it's different for every person!

Don't be afraid to hit that unfollow button.

No sense in building up worry over the unfollow button, this can save you so much time and effort down the line. It's your life, it's your page, you control it! If you follow an account that might not align with your values or an account that now is continuously posting negatively, hit that unfollow button! Your choices don't have to be justified.

Unfollow anyone who makes you feel lesser than you really are.

Alright, this is the biggest thing. Social media will tend to make others feel like they are better than you based on their amount of likes they received on a post, the type of pictures they post, and even the size of their following. People only show what they want you to see on social media! Remember that. This can take a while to realize and to accept, but just because they receive more likes doesn't mean that you or your content is any less important or valuable than them!

Take a look at what and who you are surrounding yourself with. If it doesn't align with what you want to focus on in your lifestyle or bring out the best in you, hit that button and don't look back, trust us, it's for the better.

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