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With the Real Estate industry becoming crowded, the use of social media is critical in order to stand out.

Know your target customer

Gather key information on your target customer, start broad and then begin to narrow your target audience to focus primarily on that key person you want to reach.

What are your social media goals?

This is something that you need to begin to plan early. Create mock content calendars, make a list of topics you want to address, etc. This will make the process smoother and can help you stay organized and focused once the busy season arises.

Creating high-quality content for engagement

Creating high-quality content is crucial now in the social media realm, people are stepping up their game and getting more creative. Whether that is through more visual elements on an image, drone imaging/videos, or even experimenting with TikToks, realtors are able to reach their target audience through all platforms of social media. Getting creative and thinking outside of the box will play a key role.

Okay, I did all that, now what?

So you created your social media platform for your business, gathered images, created content calendars, figured out your target audience. Now, analyze and find out what is working and what is not, switch it up, and keep going.

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