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As a small business owner, social media is one of the most powerful tools you have. It’s free, and it allows you to control your brand and give it personality.

It’s easy to totally screw up how you approach social media. There are so many ways to get it wrong. It’s too easy to fall into the wrong traps or patterns. Whether it be building your LinkedIn connections or finding the right content for Facebook and Instagram, there’s not always one “right” way to do it -- however, there are definitely many ways to fail. We won’t let that happen. ‍ Stop Focusing on Followers Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make is trying to get people to follow you. The personal brand and influencer movement has trained us to become obsessed with this “follower dream,” and it can be totally ineffective. I could give you a LinkedIn account with 1M followers and it wouldn’t do jack sh*t for your brand. Sorry. Focusing on followers is the wrong approach, because followers don’t equal sales, or even an increase in self-worth. What should you do instead? Start with being helpful to less than 10 people. This personal approach allows you to hone in on client needs in an effective and careful way. ‍ Selling Online is About Relationships Especially in the age of coronavirus, asking people to buy your product or service while they are spending ample time at home watching people they know and love losing their jobs is going to have an effect on them. Instead of pushing your product or service on them, as crappy as it may sound, you might want to focus on using some of your older profits to focus on staying in touch with customers and maintaining those relationships for a time when they are ready to buy again. The harsh truth is, many people are not buying now, and if you are able to sell, it may take way longer to close a deal. No business owner wants to hear this while the bills are mounting up, but it’s something people need to realize and accept. What you can do is focus on being in touch with customers now, so when they are ready to buy, they will still have you in mind. ‍ Ads Are Cheap Right Now There are two ways to use social media: organic content and paid content. Paid content in the form of ads is at a record low price right now. IF you have spare cash, you can spend it toward ads that show how helpful your product or service is. This is the perfect way to get ROI from your social media without having to sit around and wait forever. ‍ Start With One Platform Whether you sell your product or service online or in stores, people tend to browse the internet and scan their options before making a purchase. Learn that you have control over how your customers behave. If all a customer finds is a website with prices, they’re going to subconsciously behave the way you’re telling them to by focusing on price and nothing else. It’s likely they will expect coupons, and if you offer them, you are reinforcing their expectations. Social media gives you the power to sell your business before your employees get a chance to sell it. Having control over what this looks like is one of the most powerful tools you have as a small business owner. Build a social media presence on one platform, slowly and strategically, and focus on what you have to offer, the way you want to offer it.

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