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In awe of those perfectly curated Instagram pages? Us too. Practice makes perfect, it's going to take some trial and error to generate a feed you are proud of. It's time to start thinking about what kind of content you want to post. Think about the things that interest you and show your personality, this is YOUR page.

Look at others who inspire you!

Stalk other people's pages, generate content or ideas that you like and want to implement into your feed. Look at the editing of those pictures, the angles, the color scheme and style and see if it's something you could potentially see for yourself on your feed to create. Try to take screenshots of feeds you see that you think look cohesive and use that for inspiration and make it your own. You can also look at your current feed, see the type of color scheme you might gravitate too and see if that's something you want to continue considering you know you have some of those elements already.

Nail down your color scheme

Alright, you've got the screenshots, you've caught the vibe, now find your colors. is where you can figure out the aesthetic of either your current feed or you can upload a picture and see that color scheme. This will generate the major color elements within the feed you uploaded and it can help to narrow down some elements when capturing photos.

Patterns are essential

There are a lot of different ways you can “post” on your feed as far as a pattern goes, you can go checkerboard or go straight across the three blocks, so many options. Personally, the one that tends to be the easiest is a traditional checkerboard style, so typically you would have your post then a “filler” type image, this could be anything without you in the image itself.

Presets, if you're fancy

We recommend sticking with the same preset and just tone down some of the colorizations if the image doesn't look "finished" with some of the colors already there. The Tezza App is great, Lightroom is also a go-to and so many influencers/creators have presets you can purchase as well.

Plan, plan, plan

There are a few planning apps out there, but UnUm is a really popular choice. This app will let you connect your feed, and add blocks for future pictures you want to post. This allows you to see if those images go well with what is already on your feed without posting them just yet.

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