Gain thousands of real TikTok followers in your niche with TikTok’s “Follower” advertising objective. We simply run your existing TikTok’s as targeted ads to people likely to follow you. How? By targeting similar interests & users that have interacted with similar accounts in your niche.

You can get more followers for less than a cup of coffee. Yep, it's that cheap!
We show your existing TikTok videos to your target niche audience and optimize the call-to-action for follower growth.
You are NOT buying followers or doing anything shady. We run TikTok ads through Tiktok’s own Advertising platform and have beta access to this brand new feature!)
Does this actually work? Is this reliable and safe?

Yes! By running TikTok Ads through their own advertising platform, this is a completely safe, risk-free way of growing your TikTok following. Don’t miss out!

Why should I invest into my follower growth on TikTok?

We always recommend having a large TikTok presence for anyone that wants to be an influencer, creator, or business person. The more high quality followers you have, the faster you’ll make sales, pick up deals, and have more social power! Again, we do NOT buy followers. This is an exclusive opportunity to run TikTok Ads to your target niche, effectively increasing your community the only way TikTok wants you too.
Are there any requirements?
You need to have existing TikTok posts. We simply take your favorite posts and show them to people in your niche that are likely to be interested in your content & follow you. We can target certain interests, users that have interacted with similar accounts, etc.


$4,500 monthly strategy coaching:

One 30m call/week, 1 month minimum.


$500/Creator, Styling, Location
$150/Video, 15 Video Minimum


$2,500/Month Account Manager